Indoor Natural Stone Cladding Application

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If you want to achieve an ultimate and elegant look in your spaces, you should consider natural stones. By choosing our indoor natural stone cladding products, you can enjoy them for the years to come. Our products come in a wide range of sizes, you can find the most suitable natural stone tiles, slabs for your space.
In this article, we have gathered information and tips about indoor floor tiles, indoor wall stone models, exterior stone cladding types, and sample selections from our collections.

Diana Royal Beige Marble Cladding in the kitchen
Diana Royal Beige Marble Cladding in the Kitchen

Indoor Natural Stone Cladding Applications

Natural stones are commonly preferred in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, halls, and entrees. It is easy to maintain and it is very durable. Natural stone is preferred for indoor pavings and wall claddings too. One of the places where natural stone adds its elegance is the living room; although the application of marble flooring in the living room and bedroom is more common, an unusual choice that enriches the environment is the application of marble wall cladding to the TV wall as decoration.

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According to your style, you can choose white, beige, cream, gray, or black interior wall stones from classic marble tones. You can achieve simpler looks with single-color marble tiles, and you can create original atmospheres with transitional marble tiles that contain many colors. You can also choose the book-match application, which creates a fascinating effect by bringing two large marble slabs with original patterns side by side.

skyline bookmatch tureks
Marble book-match application in the bathroom

Those who are looking to decorate their walls with natural stones should definitely examine the patterned waterjet natural stone tiles. Tureks Marble stands out with its patterned natural stone tiles produced with waterjet technology. We have a wide range of natural stone tiles in different colors and suitable for different decoration styles in our wide product range.
Check out our selection of waterjet marble tiles with traditional or modern patterns, a three-dimensional tile appearance, futuristic, colorful, and plain.

You can create a simple and elegant interior with our patterned waterjet natural stone tiles.

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Likewise, tiles containing two or three tones of marble color add a simple and beautiful look to space where they are used, color tones and patterns will determine the style of the environment. For example, if patterned marble tiles are applied in the shower in the bathroom and in the areas between the countertops in the kitchen it will add a fresh atmosphere to the room.

If the colors in marble tiles are close to each other, a softer look is obtained. As the color contrast increases, a harder appearance is obtained. Curved patterns are more traditional, straight and sharp lines are more modern.

Aspen White Honed Lattice Marble Mosaics
Aspen White Honed Marble Mosaics

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If you are looking to innovate your home decoration then the Penny Round Mosaic series is what you should consider; It is a special tile series made entirely of natural stone but created by combining small circular marbles.

dekoratif mozaik
Penny Round Marble Mosaic Wall Cladding in Bathroom

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You can consult us to find the most suitable natural stone cladding applications for your needs in interior spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and halls. Please don’t hesitate to call us for your questions and visit our showrooms and warehouses in Istanbul and Afyon to inspect all our natural stone products.

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