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Limestone is one of the most popular natural stones which is used in many application areas both in interior design and construction. Just like most of the other natural stones, limestones also have different types.

In general, these stones are preferred for the exterior wall coverings in decoration due to their soft texture. However, their usage areas are not limited to coverings. As Tureks, we offer a wide range of limestone products for our customers. If you would like to learn more about these products, you can always visit our homepage at

In this article, we are going to talk about Finike or Limra limestone, which is one of the highest quality types in this category. We would like to start by emphasizing the natural beauty of these amazing natural stones. They have an extra soft and natural texture, which makes them ideal for many projects. Below, you can find more about these precious and beautiful stones.

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What Are Finike or Limra Limestones?

Finike is a district located in Antalya, Turkey which is 115 kilometers away from the city center. These Finike or Limra limestones get their name from the area they are mined. They are mined in the Limra region of Finike, which is 5 kilometers away from the seashore. In general, they have light cream color and homogenous structure. They are also offered in various sizes and as slabs. One of the common usage areas of these stones is exterior wall coverings.

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Without a doubt, Finike or Limra limestone is one of the most demanded limestone types in the world. Thanks to its softness, it can be processed to achieve any size or shape. Another reason why you may want to prefer these limestones is they offer a wide product range. Besides being used as exterior wall coverings, they are often preferred as floorings too.

It is safe to say that it is the most favorite natural stone of many designers and construction engineers. Finike or Limra limestones provide a natural beauty no matter where they are preferred. Besides preferring these natural stones at home, you can also consider using them in your businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and even hospitals.

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General Features of Finike or Limra Limestone

There is a rightful reason why limestones are one of the most popular natural stones preferred in decoration and construction. These great and beautiful stones offer high performance due to their various chemical and physical properties. Below, you can find some of the most prominent features that you need to know.

High Efficiency – Although Finike or Limra limestone has a soft texture, it is quite durable and resistant to corrosion. All these characteristics make these natural stones highly efficient.
Lightness – These natural stones are six percent lighter on average when compared to other granites and pebbles.
● Permeability – Besides ensuring the natural water flow and drainage, limestones are widely preferred natural materials for pollution control and sustainability.
Versatility – Since limestones are available in different particle sizes, they offer a versatile usage purpose.
Availability – This is especially true for Turkey since the country has many limestone reserves. You can benefit from this opportunity with the assistance of our company no matter where you live in the world.
Low-Cost – Limestones but especially Finike or Limra limestones are some of the best natural stones in terms of price and performance comparison.

All these above-mentioned information can easily convince you to prefer these natural stones in any area but especially in decoration. Below, you can find detailed information about the technical properties of these stones.

Technical Properties of Finike or Limra Limestone

Without a doubt, limestone is one of the building blocks of authentic and genuine decoration ideas. If you are planning to benefit from these stones too, then the following information will be quite useful for you.

Here are the technical properties of Finike or Limra limestones:

● These natural stones are classified as medium density building blocks in terms of water absorption by weight and unit volume weight. However, it will be worth noting that this feature can be improved with the implementation of certain finish types such as a filling.
● One of the most important features of these stones is their thermal insulation. You can enjoy forty percent thermal insulation against hot and cold by simply preferring these stones.
Finike or Limra limestone is also known as the natural stone with the highest light reflectivity in the world. You can enjoy 97 percent reflectivity.
● It is a fact that it is the primary choice of many hotels, villas, and residences all around the world.
● Thanks to its soft texture, it is generally preferred for wall coverings.

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Seashell – villa project

Now, let’s talk about the regular care of these natural stones.

How to Clean Finike or Limra Limestone?

Just like most of the other natural stone cleaning brushing or sanding techniques can be preferred for the cleaning of Finike or Limra limestones. You can easily prolong its lifetime by performing regular care.

In time, rust, yellow, black, or dust spots can appear on these natural stones. Therefore, the above-mentioned brushing and sanding methods are the ideal choice for care.

It is not recommended to use additional chemical products on these Finike or Limra limestones. In fact, you should always avoid such substances for all-natural stones. Although they may seem to provide great care at the beginning, they lead to several unwanted scenarios in the long run.

Such substances can make your natural stone look paler and disturb the finishes applied to them. As a result, you will not be able to benefit from them to the fullest. Moreover, you will also disturb their aesthetic structure.

As Tureks, we offer some of the finest quality limestones to our customers with various color options and finish types. If you would like to enjoy these amazing natural stones in your decoration and living spaces, then you should not miss your chance to visit our relevant category.

If you have any questions on your mind or need further assistance, you can always contact our sales team and receive support.

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