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Wall Decals with Status Special Order collection

With Wall Decas, you can redesign your home and workspaces without leaving the fashion line. Interior designers, architects, and DIY homeowners prefer ceramic wall decals for beautiful hand-painted tile finishes. These ceramic tiles offer us color options suitable for every style with their wide organic color range. You can create ceramic tile decors with the best and brightest pieces from the Status Special Order Collection. Read on to learn how to refresh your home and office backgrounds.

Honey Glossy Barcelona Ceramic Wall Decos

Why should we prefer Status Special Order?

Status Ceramic Tile manufacturers spend decades to get the best product. Manufacturers produce the best quality tiles using the best paints and the best materials. These tiles in no way lose their secret and magnificent shades. The wide color range of He status ceramic decals includes up to 80 different color options. It offers you a large number of design options for your kitchen designs. Unique patterns are created using wet press machines for the status ceramic backsplash tile. Country Floor is proud to present the status ceramic tile to interior designers across the country.


Why do Status Ceramic Tiles make the perfect Backsplash?


The Status Ceramic Tile Collection from Country Floors has a wide range of decors that will create unique backsplashes for your kitchens and bathrooms. It has designs ranging from Art Nouveau to Victorian Gothic with various line works. You can create a pop of color by using this collection for a kitchen designed in neutral colors, or you can get a minimalist look by choosing a modern piece from the collection. Another point that makes the Status Ceramic Tile Collection attractive is its ease of installation. Ceramic tiles are resistant to water and stains. At the same time, they stay shiny longer than glass tiles. Personalize their designs with original colors from the Status Ceramic Tile Collection pieces!


Footnotes for the Status Ceramic Collection!


Barcelona: These ceramic tiles, one of the unique pieces of the collection, offer a magnificent look for floral motif backsplashes. While it becomes the focal point of the design in neutral colors, it complements the design by adapting to colorful looks.


Baroque: Ceramic tiles, named after the designs of the Baroque period, attract attention with their moving designs. Let your guests admire your home’s rich appearance. You can choose these ceramic tiles, which are very easy to install, to make moving designs that are far from simple.


Ennis: Country Floors is one of the most minimalist pieces in the Status Ceramic Tile Collection. You can make your spaces look bigger than they are by adding depth to the backsplashes by using Ennis tile. With its eye-catching glossy coating, it creates a perfect union with Julian tile and glass tile.

Jules Glossy Ennis Ceramic Wall Decos



Filigree: This ceramic backsplash tile, which will give your kitchen a rich look, certainly lives up to its name. You can achieve harmony in your contemporary designs by using a variety of colors.

Link: You can use these ceramic tiles with a simple cross pattern to get a plain look. Latte color creates an impressive and stylish image for your kitchens. If you want your designed backsplash to be harmonious rather than striking, you can use this product.

Latte Glossy Link Ceramic Wall Decos


We can finish our list with The Medallion backsplash that you can use in your kitchens.

The Status Collection’s complex pattern fashion continues apace.


Want to shop the full collection?

You can click here to see the full kitchen backsplash tile collection and our other natural stone tile collections. If you want to get information about how and where to use backsplash tiles, please do not hesitate to contact our expert interior architecture team, who will give you tips and tricks on the subject, aiming to help you get the best efficiency from our products!










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