Exterior Natural Stone Cladding

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It is possible to make your living space look natural with Exterior Natural Stone Cladding methods. You can add differences to the exterior appearance of the house you live in, which is as important as the interior decoration, with small touches.

Thanks to natural stones and special exterior cladding stones, you can achieve the exterior look you want. With Exterior Stone cladding methods, you can extend the thermal insulation and building life as well as the appearance of a stone house.

dış duvar kaplama
Diana Royal Honed Marble Wall Decos Elevations Pattern

We beautify your living spaces with our natural stone cladding products specially prepared for your detached house or apartment. You can make your living spaces look magnificent by determining the natural facing stones suitable for your own style and style from our wide product range.

Exterior Natural Stone Applications

Exterior Natural Stone cladding Applications, which are frequently used to achieve a stone house appearance, are carefully prepared according to your house’s structure. To have a natural appearance and a natural structure, exterior natural stones in different colors and models are specially prepared for you in different sizes. Thanks to the applied natural stone cladding, both a beautiful appearance are obtained and your living space becomes more durable and insulated. You can obtain natural stones of different colors and models with the assurance of Tureks Marble to achieve a traditional look for your house.

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Seashell – villa project

The natural stone cladding used on exterior surfaces consists of natural stones obtained from nature. It is different from blast stone applications and culture stone applications, which are different cladding applications. This type of exterior cladding product is prepared in desired sizes and dimensions. A more natural and natural appearance is obtained thanks to the completely natural exterior stone coatings. You can choose the most suitable natural stones from our portfolio, from different color options suitable for your region and the structure of your home.

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champagne – exterior wall cladding

It is recommended that the living spaces where the exterior stone application will be made have a high weight resistance. It is recommended that natural stones have a certain weight and that the application should be made after careful and expert evaluation. You can contact us for any inquiry you need for the Exterior Natural Stone cladding application or you can stop by our sales stores.

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