Haisa Black Marble

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Haisa Black Polished LOSAS

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Código del objeto TL18402Tamaño 30,5x30,5x1
Código del objeto TL18403Tamaño 30,5x61x1,2
Código del objeto TL18404Tamaño 30x60x2
Código del objeto TL18405Tamaño 45,7x45,7x1,2
Código del objeto TL18407Tamaño 60x60x2
Código del objeto TL18410Tamaño 61x61x2
Código del objeto TL18411Tamaño 7x14x1
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What is a better smell than grilled food above charcoal all aglow? Not too many things can bring the taste buds more alive. We hope in some concentrated manner that our Haisa Black Marble can provide a visual treat for the senses in the same way that grilling inspires the taste buds. Tureks takes great pride in enhancing a collection as much possible. In this case, we offer our Haisa Black marble in tiles, mosaics, moldings, and slabs. All meant to improve the capabilities of this stone for the end user. Given the long historical legacy of marble as a building material, the imagination of the design team has plenty of room to play.


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