Arctic Gray Marble

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Arctic Gray Polished LOSAS

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Código del objeto TL16104Tamaño 30x60x2
Código del objeto TL16716Tamaño 30,5x61x1
Código del objeto TL17676Tamaño 61x61x2
Código del objeto TL18108Tamaño 7x14x1
Código del objeto TL18109Tamaño 60x60x2
Código del objeto TL14853Tamaño 45,7x45,7x1,2
Código del objeto TL14894Tamaño 30,5x30,5x1
Código del objeto TL15570Tamaño 30,5x61x1,2
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Cold and foreboding the Arctic of our imaginations is at once hostile and welcoming. Hostile due to the pure, cold desolation. Yet somehow also welcoming for the perceived challenge to the human spirit. Our Arctic Gray  Marble intends, like the great Arctic north, to challenge the design spirit of our clients.

Tureks offers this collection with cold clarity in tile format, mosaics, moldings, and even slabs that are  all meant to spur the imaginations of our clients. Marble has, of course, a long and glorious history as both a building material and a cultural material. We intend to continue this legacy.


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Shower Walls