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Travertines are very similar to marbles, and they undergo the same formation processes. One of the main features of travertines is their porous structures. Ivory or light colors are among the most preferred travertine colors in home decoration and construction fields.

These cream-shaded colors are generally referred to as classic travertines. Besides these colors, you can also find silver, gray, rose, wood, red, yellow, and walnut color options on the market. Although these natural stones are popular in the decoration industry, one of them is far more popular than others and it is called Denizli travertines.

As being the leading marble, limestone, and marble exporter of Turkey, we would like to share some valuable information about these natural stones but especially the Denizli travertines. You can always visit our homepage at Tureks to find our amazing natural stones to benefit from in your decoration.

What Are Denizli Travertines?

Denizli is one of the Turkish cities which is famous for its natural stones but especially travertines. Pamukkale, one of the most famous tourist destinations, is also located in this city. Denizli travertines, or Denizli stone

Denizli Stones are sediments deposited as a result of hydrothermal waters, which are rich in terms of calcium-bicarbonate. In general, these travertines are mined in the Kocabas, Yenicekent, Golemezli, Karateke, and Gurlek regions of the city. Moreover, Pamukkale formations are still ongoing today.

Here are some of the distinctive features of Denizli travertines:

● They are easily distinguished from other travertines in Turkey and the rest of the world with different shades of cream and brown. If you often use travertines, you can easily notice this difference with your bare eyes.
● They have characteristic linear structures, which are also known as a waterway, that can be seen in perpendicular sections of the blocks.
● They have millimetric pores along the waterways and it is possible to eliminate these pores by filling method if desired.
● They do not include high amounts of plant residues such as sedge and reed in their structures.
● Travertines mined in the Golemezli region are mostly onyx type and they typically have green and honey colors.
● Travertines mined in the Yenicekent region are in a darker color and offer reddish and brown shades.
● According to chemical analyzes, stable carbon isotope values of Denizli travertines provide more positive results. This makes them unique when compared to the other travertine types both in Turkey and in the world.

Usage Areas of Denizli Travertines

Just like regular travertines, Denizli travertines can be used in many fields. It is all up to you where you want to benefit from these authentic and modern textured natural stones. However, there are some commonly preferred application areas, which you can find in the following.

● These natural stones are especially great for covering and flooring gardens and terraces. They can be easily preferred for the decoration of other areas as well.
● In general, these travertines can be used in areas such as steps, flooring, coatings, and sinks.
● The light-colored travertines are highly compatible with yellow and other similar shades. Therefore, sinks or countertops that are made of travertines will look quite stylish when used together.
● You can also benefit from mosaic forms. You can prefer yellow travertine mosaics as a covering on the wall behind the travertine sink to create an amazing look.

It will be worth noting that the application areas are limited to your imagination. You can prefer these natural stones literally in any design.

Marble veining

Denizli Travertine Surfaces and Finish Types

Denizli travertines can undergo exactly the same procedures that regular travertines are exposed to. These applications are preferred to provide more versatility to these natural stones. Otherwise, it would be impossible to benefit from travertines in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Due to their porous structure, they would lose their form easily.

Of course, besides functionality, certain finish types are applied for aesthetics purposes. In this way, you will not have to spend lots of money and time on expensive or hard-to-implement products. Knowing these finish types can provide you a better insight while choosing the right product for your project or decoration.

As Tureks, we offer all the popular surface and finish types for our customers. You can always contact us to get detailed information regarding our services or to place a custom order for your new product.

Below, you can find some of the finish types that can directly affect the surface of our travertines.

Filling – Filling is an application that allows us to fill the pores available on the travertines. A special travertine cement or ready-made fillers are used in the process to ensure a smooth and water-resistant surface.

Honing – Honing is an application that is used to transform natural stone surfaces into a semi-matte state. Honed surfaces are neither matte nor glossy.

Antiqued – As you can guess, antiqued finish type allows the surface of natural stones to achieve an old look. Various methods are used for this process to achieve the best results.

Rock Face – This application allows us to provide a more natural look for natural stones. In addition to this, it allows us to align adjacent natural stone pieces for a uniform look.

Tumbled – This application allows the natural stones to have curvy edges so that we can achieve a weathered look. In general, it is preferred for pavers, but you can also prefer tumbled Denizli travertines as wall coverings.

Tureks offer only the best quality Turkish marbles, limestones, and travertines to its customers. If you would like to benefit from our quality and stylish products, you can always place an order by contacting our sales team. All our products are available on our website in catalog mode. In this way, you can decide on your favorite products and get detailed information about them by contacting us.

We will always be glad to provide you assistance and consultancy about your decorations and natural stone selection. Moreover, we offer worldwide delivery for all our products. We make sure that they will be delivered to you in perfect condition with high-quality shipping services and packaging.

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