Giallo, Verde Honed Sacchi Limestone Mosaic


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Suppose you’re looking for beautiful decorative mosaic tiles for your interior design project. In that case, our mosaic tile from The Baba Chic Collection is going to be a good shout. They have many benefits that make them highly accessible for your home. Mosaic tiles are often very decorative with intricate patterns and have a lot of different styles and influences. For example, you can get wood look tiles, glass mosaic tiles, marble mosaic tile, natural stone. Our mosaic tiles have design and style in mind. Perhaps you want a classic mosaic tile floor? Create a mosaic tile backsplash combination with shapes and patterns? Or install surface materials that add inspiration to a bathroom or tired wall? We have the mosaic tile solution for you.


Let’s take a look at some different mosaic tiles from the collection available in our selection. We are sure that in this range you will find something to suit all kinds of needs, requirements and spaces, for example mosaic tile for your bathroom backsplash. Beautiful kitchen wall tiles are a great way to use our baba chic mosaic tiles for mosaic tile floor.


Textured Mosaic Tiles


Some tiles have a perfect design that brings to mind the texture of wood. the wood-look tiles of the baba chic collection effectively combine a very natural aesthetic with a practical mosaic design.

White, Beige Honed Basket Weave Limestone Mosaic Tile

One good example of a wood-look mosaic tile is the White, Beige Honed Basket Weave Limestone Mosaic. As a design, it has a lot of unique and exciting characteristics, which make it great if you’re searching for affordable tiles. It is a classic mosaic design as a floor tile, offering a light combination of white and beige. It is excellent for people searching for something bright and airy for their kitchen, living room, or bathroom.


White, Beige Honed Basket Weave Limestone Mosaic

Yellow, White Honed Basket Weave Limestone Mosaic Tile


If that particular design doesn’t tickle your fancy, then try its sibling, the Yellow, White Honed Basket Weave Limestone Mosaic.

This wood-look tile has the same basic design as the other, but it has a more yellow and white look. The result closely parodies wooden weaves for a basket. It would be just as suitable within the kitchen or living room environment.


Yellow, White Honed Basket Weave Limestone Mosaic


The Refined Look Mosaic Tiles


The refined style is the following type of wall tiles we’d like to look at next. This kind of classic take on tiling evokes a very sophisticated and posh atmosphere – the kind you might see in a hotel steeped in rich history.


Giallo, Verde Honed Sacchi Terracotta Mosaic Tile


An excellent example of a terracotta tile of this category is the Giallo, Verde Honed Sacchi Terracotta Mosaic. The faded yellow is a deliberate design choice and steeped in a rustic sense of sophistication. A tile like this would be at home in the kitchen or living room, offering a very traditional atmosphere and well-honed mosaic edges.

Giallo, Verde Honed Sacchi Limestone Mosaic


Rustic Look Mosaic Tile


Sacchi, Taupe Grey/white Honed Limestone Mosaics

Suppose the faded rustic yellow tiles don’t suit your idea of interior design, then these Sacchi. In that case, Taupe Grey/white Honed Limestone Mosaics will be an excellent idea for something that maintains the same basic design philosophy.




Sacchi, Taupe Grey/white Honed Limestone Mosaic



Amazing Shower Tile Designs

This stunning design is much more classic than rustic. The brighter, monochrome col-ors allow for more colorful and tasteful furniture and wall tiles. These would make fan-tastic shower tiles, but they can also serve a living room or kitchen role.

Limestone tiles can be an effective way to decorate a home because limestone always looks excellent. You’ve got much more varied, diverse ways to enjoy yourself. A prime example of this would be something like the Dougga Honed Limestone Mosaics.





Dougga Honed Limestone Mosaic


These fantastic limestone look mosaic tiles are very rustic. They are multicolored with a honed finish to bring a traditional vibe to your property. They’d be good in a kitchen and living room too so that you can experiment.

If you want something more muted and subdued, then you can look into the Tasnim Honed Limestone Mosaics.

These limestone mosaic tiles are to the same specs as the other mosaic tiles. They have a rustic look and colorful design, suitable for kitchens and living rooms. They also have a more subdued and darker color scheme so you can decorate according to your taste.

Tasnim Honed Limestone Mosaic

Final Design Thoughts

Mosaic tiles are highly versatile because they can emulate many textures and materials. You can have wood-look tile and limestone offerings all at once, which affords you much variety.Mosaic tile is excellent for interior design for this reason Taking time to experiment with the options you’ve got available is a perfect way to make sure that your experiences are positive. It is worth experimenting with the mosaic tiles we offer. It will yield a lot of exciting and unique options for you, which works well when you’re trying to get the best results for interior design. We recommend mosaics for anyone who’s trying to find the best variety.

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