Dark Turkish Marble

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Marble is an elemental piece in the history of architecture and design. Many schools of thought suggest that a darker stone lends itself to a more friendly user experience in terms of maintenance. That being said, let’s discuss Dark Turkish Marble for a few minutes.

Emperador Dark MarbleMarble in general, as we have said many times in this space, has a history as a building and cultural material that is thousands of years old. This stone has provided the serenity and splendor of the Taj Mahal, the majesty and power of The Lincoln Memorial, and the sheer grace of the Statue of David (below).

The David

Now we can drill down a bit. Namely, our contribution to culture and construction for today, Dark Turkish Marble. Turkish marble is widely considered one of the finest, most durable, and in many cases, most economical natural stones in the world. We have included imagery in this post of our Emperador Dark Marble for your consideration.

Please take a peek at the floor in the image above. We have mentioned earlier that there is a school of thought that encourages the use of darker marble to lower maintenance. That roomscene is a good example.

Well, as always, thanks for reading!

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