Clean Silver Marble

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Many design plans, as considered by both homeowners and professional designers, call for a Clean Silver Marble that will pair nicely with strong colors elsewhere in the scheme. Let’s discuss this for a bit.

Tureks has a wide range of natural stones, but nothing quite equals our awesome capabilities in the White/Gray/ Silver pantheon of color values. For informational purposes, marble is a metamorphic stone with a stored history in flooring, wall covering, paving, and sculpture. Take for example our Mink Classic Marble a the very top of this post. We would suggest that this stone epitomizes a Clean Silver Marble.

Silver Shadow MarbleSimilarly, take a peek at our Silver Shadow Marble above for another clean take on this color value. When you can bring these types of powerful neutrals into your design ideas, it is all the more reason to take a chance or two with powerful complementary colors. Thanks for reading.
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