Black And White Tile
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The wonderful combination of black and white, which is everywhere, shows itself in the tile together with the new trends. Black and white, which is the symbol of a strong existence contrary to partnership, passion and temporary fashion choices, is a source of inspiration for many famous architects and designers and is always in the preference of its customers.

From Ancient Greece to Minimalist design inspirations, black and white tiles carry the power to reflect the elegance it offers to floors and walls. You can take your place out of the moment with tiles that are beyond this time, which have the motive to protect the aura of artistic works with their symbolic power. For thousands of years, black and white representing togetherness reflects the motive of being a means of love that has been used with stone and marble since the empires.

Black and white floors, which have become popular over time in European public buildings and private properties, continue to be an indispensable part of Neo-classical details. With the actual immigration of Europeans, the black and white look that moved to America has become adopted in many businesses, including restaurants and bars. Nowadays, black and white tile and stone floors convey a retrospective appeal and offer vintage inspirations in interior design.

Our collection awaits you with its stunning and timeless pieces, embodying the distinctive beauty of various shades. Avalon Turkish Marble is a metamorphic stone in a legendary history, a marble that never gets old with its stylish and useful details. This product, which reflects the cultural and social effects of marble, which played an important role in the civilization adventure of humanity, is an important material used in the production of floors, walls or sculptures with its never-aging feature. Our other product, Black Polished Marble, which bears witness to a timeless past, reflects the harmony of black and white with its background with or without veins bearing classical tunes. From solid neutral marble to classic beauty, explore.

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