Black and White Marble

Black and White Marble
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Inviting an antagonistic meeting with each other like day and night, black and white always create unique relationships. When there is no light there is black. Reminding of nothingness, black is not a color for some. On the other hand, white is produced by mixing all colors equally. The union of black and white continued to be a source of inspiration for intellectuals, artists and writers in the civilization adventure of humanity.

The Paradigm When Black and White Meet Marble

The philosophy of black and white marble, which appears as a unity of ideas, is fed by very strong sources. The famous “Tai Chi Symbol” known as “Yin and Yang” consists of black and white pieces. The meeting of two contrasting colors has always reflected the strength in Chinese culture. Behind this strength are passion, commitment and complementarity. The black and white duality in Ancient Rome, which was home to the first use of these marbles, symbolizes a strong unity by harboring a great effect.

The most common and common use in combinations of black and white marble belongs to the checkerboard look. This product, which is also host to many literary works, has always taken its place in the imaginations of people who read together in the ancient Greek agora. This piece of our collection, which appears in Roman depictions, also effectively reflects the collective memory.


The checkerboard pattern that European immigrants carried to the USA became quite popular and popular at this stop after their European trip. These timeless looking patterns, which can easily adapt to various styles such as rustic, retro, minimal or traditional, continue to maintain their distinctive beauty.

In addition, these products, which are also observed in Iranian and Roman designs, have taken their place as an iconic indicator of wealth. These patterns, which reflect the perspectives of artists throughout history, present the classic combination together.


We know that black and white tiles decorate classic interiors. These areas, which offer a wide distinctive feature, have a common usage area with contrasting borders or decorative stone additions.

Neo-classical motifs are frequently preferred today. Be sure to check out our Studio Mosaic Collection, which is Water Jet Patterns in our collection.

Our Skyline Polished Collection encourages a highly daring look with a variety of shades.

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