Afyon Violet Polished Marble

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Afyon Violet (Calacatta Viola) Polished Marble Tiles


Afyon Violet Polished Marble is one of the oldest known marbles with a history of approximately 2500 years.It was sent to the Mediterranean cities by ship transportation in the Ancient Roman period, processed as blocks and columns and used in various monumental structures of the period.Afyon Violet Polished Marble has an exotic and bold appearance with rich veins, intense breccia, with its special texture that fascinates.
It is also known as Afyon Violet Marble, Afyon Menekşe and Calacatta Viola.

Calacatta Viola will be an ideal choice of marble to create a striking effect on kitchens and bathrooms, furniture surfaces, walls and floors.
It allows very assertive surface designs.As Tureks Marble, we carefully prepare our products for you and offer them in the best quality.We can also produce our marble products, which we prepare as tiles, tiles and slabs, in special sizes according to your request.




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