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Afyon is one of the Turkish cities, which is famous for its unique marble that is popular all around the world. Recently one-third of marble slabs in Turkey originated in Afyon. As the industry-leading company in the marble industry in Turkey, we also offer the finest quality Afyon marbles to our customers.

Without a doubt, you are going to love these amazing marbles and want to incorporate them into your every decoration. You can also visit our homepage at Tureks to get more information about the products and services we offer for you.

Below, you can find detailed information about this marble type, which is a well-known marble in the world. If you are planning to create an elegant decoration in any venue, then these marbles can be quite handy options for you. You can easily notice the difference between Afyon marble and other marble types that you often prefer in your projects or decoration.

Why Are Afyon Marbles Popular?

Afyon marbles are one of the oldest marble types in the world and they are made of medium-grained calcite crystals. These marbles have a granoblastic texture.
Marbles inside of the Afyon metamorphics are covered by Neogene volcanic and these metamorphics are composed of greenschist facies minerals. All these features make these marbles quite popular in the world.

Many classifications of these marbles are recorded in the literature. These classifications are made according to the look of these marbles but in general, they are almost exactly the same to each other. Therefore, we are going to classify these marbles into five groups.

● Afyon Sugar
This marble consists of white and medium-sized calcite crystals with fine golden yellow veins on it. These veins may be a bit darker and provide a honey color to the marble. It is also known as Afyon Golden.

● Afyon Gray (Smoke or Sky)
This marble consists of light or ash gray and completely saccharoidal calcite crystals.

● Afyon Tigerskin
This marble consists of bluish but usually dark and light ash gray saccharoidal medium-sized calcite crystals which have dark gray and black veins on them. The veins may be concentrated as nodes or have a spread pattern.

● Afyon Cream
This marble consists of snow-white saccharoidal fine- and medium-sized calcite crystals. In general, these marbles are preferred in monument construction or sculpting.

Our Afyon Marble Recommendations

As Tureks, we offer some of the best Afyon marbles to our customers living all around the world.

We carefully prepare each of your orders and make sure that they will be delivered to you in perfect condition. Moreover, our products can significantly contribute to the beauty of your decoration. Therefore, we wanted to recommend some of our marbles to you in the following.

You can always refer to our relevant category and check out our other models that are waiting for you! We assure you that each of them may seem quite appealing to you.

Afyon Marble Tiles

We offer amazing Afyon marble tiles to our customers, which can be used in many different areas. Without a doubt, we will start with our most popular model which is Afyon Sugar Polished Marble Tile.
It is the perfect example of the quality and beauty of these marbles. Thanks to its naïve color, you can easily prefer it in any area both indoors and outdoors.
If you are looking for marbles with darkish colors, then we still have some amazing products to offer you. Afyon Violet Polished Marble Tiles can be a great option in this respect. Due to their dark and cumulated veins on them, they can make any venue look more luxurious.
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Afyon Marble Mosaics

Here are some Afyon marble mosaics that you can use in your projects or decoration. Needless to say, they are created with the finest quality materials and offered to you.
If you want to enjoy the amazing look of these marbles at their finest, then Afyon Sugar & Honey Onyx Polished Basket Weave Marble mosaics can be a great option for you to consider.
Those who are looking for some darker shades in their mosaics can also prefer our Milano Blend Polished 1,5×5 Marble Mosaics. These modern patterns can be used as wall coverings especially in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. You may also want to benefit from them around your pools.
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Afyon Marble Accessories

You may have created the perfect decoration and need complementary elements for the ends or tips of your surfaces. At this point, we can also offer you amazing solutions to consider.
If you do not give up on the quality and style of marble, then we can recommend our Afyon Sugar Polished Andorra Marble Moldings. They look so naïve, and they can serve you as a smooth finish in any decoration.
If you are looking for a thinner and more elegant option, then we got your back too. Our Afyon Sugar Polished Pencil Liner Marble Moldings can be a great choice in this regard.
They are so thin that they cannot be realized further. Moreover, their amazingly light beige color makes them the ideal choice for every color.
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Afyon Marble Slabs

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, one-third of the mined marble slabs in Turkey are from Afyon. Although there are other types available in the literature, they are almost the same and their minor differences cannot be realized with bare eyes.

Therefore, we are proud to offer you the highest quality Afyon marble type as a slab. We guarantee that you are going to love this Afyon Sugar Marble Slab, which you can prefer in any area you desire.

Tureks offers a wide range of marble options to its customers, including one of the best quality Turkish marbles, i.e., Afyon marbles.

You can easily place an order for any item listed in our relevant categories. In case you have further questions or need assistance, we will be glad to assist you anytime. You can contact our sales team whenever you want and learn more about these spectacular marble types.

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